The goal of lasting joy for every child is the vision that drives Pathway to Joy Ministries. Whether that child is living in a foster home, a state residential home, or an impoverished community, Pathway to Joy is there to show Christ’s love and to do something about the sorrow that permeates the hearts of exposed children living in hard places. Vulnerable populations often suffer high levels of stress related to the trauma of poverty, abandonment, or exploitation. Pathway to Joy exists to glorify God by empowering vulnerable children with the tools they need to heal and realize their full potential.

Over the summer months, we worked hard to put feet to the vision. We named the project Learners Beyond the Bell. This is a transformative educational initiative dedicated to inspiring children aged 7–12 in the Tinca region of Romania. These young learners often grapple with inadequate nutrition, poor sanitation conditions, and significant educational and emotional obstacles, all of which create hurdles to their healthy growth and development.

This holistic afterschool program is designed to provide a nurturing and educational haven where these children can break free from the cycle of poverty and enhance their overall well-being. By offering nourishing meals, access to proper sanitation facilities, educational enrichment, and a spiritual component, our goal is to eliminate the immediate challenges hindering their academic progress.

These kids need consistency. If we are to help them, we will need consistent resources flowing into this project. Hence, we are offering a monthly giving option on our website By partnering with us in this venture, we can ensure stability for the kids living in such unstable circumstances.

Learners Beyond the Bell (LBB) envisions breaking the barriers that children living in poverty face and providing them with the support and opportunities they need to rise above their circumstances. Together, we can empower these young minds and set them on a path toward a brighter future filled with hope, knowledge, and endless possibilities.

The Grand Opening for LBB was last week, and what an eye-opener it was for all of us. Children who have never had a shower in their lifetime came out of the building clean and wearing brand new clothes and shoes. I had a hard time recognizing them! The food that was served smelt so good that my mouth was watering. The place was filled with joy, laughter, and thanksgiving to God for His provisions.