Solve the Orphan Crisis for Good

by Sep 18, 2018

Church Planting and Outreach to the Roma Community

Our goal is to help eradicate Romania’s orphan crisis. We seek to accomplish this through a long-term investment in the Romanian populations that are most prone to abandonment. We came to discover that 65% of Romania’s orphan population was coming from Roma (gypsy) communities. With that knowledge and God’s guidance, Pathway to Joy began their outreach efforts in the Roma (gypsy) villages of Tinca and Sabolciu. Our ministry strategy has included church planting, feeding programs, and educational projects. As a result, hundreds of families are being transformed by the power of the Gospel and empowered to build resourceful, joy-filled and Christ-centered lives.

Church Planting

The Gospel message is on the move and the journey continues. The church plants in Tinca and Sabolciu have moved forward to plant other churches in the unreached villages of Tasad, Cheriu, Osorhei and now in Calacea.


Feeding Programs

Many gypsy families are large, and they live in extreme poverty. Lack of transportation and illiteracy contribute to high unemployment rates in these villages. On a monthly basis, we deliver food packages, school supplies, and clothing to these families for their children. Our goal is to help the children remain in school with the hope that they will one day be able to escape this cycle of poverty.

Educational Projects

Pathway to Joy has built a youth center in the village of Tinca to respond to the harsh realities this generation of children and young people are facing. The center accommodates over 400 people and offers youth activities, evangelistic meetings, and Bible teaching and training. We have also begun to build an education and feeding center in Sabolciu with plans to offer after-school programs for the children and vocational classes for their parents.

Christian Publishing and Literature Distribution

Pathway to Joy publishes Bible studies and devotional materials in the Romanian language. Our goal is to make such resources available to the Romanian people to help them grow and pursue a personal relationship with Jesus. In the past four years, we have published over fifteen literature projects for men, women and children.

Join Pathway to Joy in our effort to break the cycle of poverty and child abandonment by investing in Romania’s most vulnerable communities. Together, we can help solve this crisis for good.