Trip FAQ

Are mission trips effective?

We can only speak for PTJM mission trips of course, but the unequivocal answer is yes! Our mission trippers must work with either an existing local church or a PTJM long term project. The 10-day trip is valued because of its cooperation and support of an indigenous, local ministry.

Who can go?

We are primarily looking for people who are willing to serve using any of the gifts God’s given them. If you have a servant heart, are flexible, and willing to follow a team leader, you will have a great missions experience. Our trips are not “cushy” sightseeing trips though. If a nice hotel with all the amenities is a must – then our trips are likely not for you.

What are the requirements to go?

You must be in good health, a born again Christian able to relate how you got saved, have a pastor or church reference, and be at least 15 years of age. You must fill out a mission trip application and be accepted by PTJM for the mission trip you are applying for.

Why Send Short-Term Mission Teams?

Short-term mission teams are vital to further the on-going work of our ministry. As you step out in faith, your efforts will make a long-term impact! By design, our short-term teams complement and supplement our existing long-term work. In addition to this, we are seeking long-term friendships and partnerships with our short-term mission teams. We pray you would join with us on an on-going basis to help fulfill the vision the Lord has given us for this ministry!

What does it cost and how can I raise the support?

Mission trips with PTJM cost around $2900 which includes round-trip airfare, visas, translator services, and most meals. Your friends, family, church, and others may donate to PTJM to help cover your participation costs. Their donations are tax deductible and are non-refundable. For more exact prices for individual trips, see our Missions Calendar. At PTJM we believe in the philosophy “where the Lord guides the Lord provides” – however, people must know you are going on a trip so they can pray for you and support you. You let people know you are going by writing letters, personal conversations, showing photo or video presentations, collecting information on your destination country, etc. As you are faithful, the Lord will provide through His people. Try it!

What happens if I cancel?

All support monies donated up to the time of your cancellation are non-refundable. If you must cancel, PTJM will use the donated funds toward the project/mission trip for which it was given.

Why can’t I get a refund?

PTJM treats each mission trip as a mission project. People are needed to fulfil the purposes of the mission project. Thus, the cost of participation in a project is tax deductible but the donations to provide your participation are non-refundable because they go to the project.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!