A Journey of Healing & Hope

Thousands of kids are waiting to discover lasting joy.

Our Mission

Romania has an orphan crisis. Every day, children are abandoned in state institutions or on the streets. These children are forced to grow up in state custody, where many suffer from chronic dependence, loneliness, homelessness, sexual exploitation, and many other cycles of self-destructive behavior. Pathway to Joy exists to bring healing and hope to the orphaned and needy children of Romania. We seek to accomplish this mission by helping every child build a resourceful, joy-filled, and Christ-centered life.

How We Serve

Practical, Relational, and Spiritual Care

We regularly visit government placement centers to develop healthy relationships with the kids, provide for their needs, and encourage their walk with Christ.

Help Transition to Responsible Adulthood

Our Success for Life Program provides community, stability, education and real-world, hands-on training and experience.

Solve the Orphan Crisis for Good

Our goal is to help eradicate Romania’s orphan crisis through a long-term investment in the Romanian populations that are most prone to abandonment.

Join the Journey

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor an orphaned and vulnerable child through Pathway to Joy. Help bring healing and hope through nurturing relationships, strategic programs, and a team dedicated.

Every child deserves a chance to discover the lasting joy and hope for the future.

Be a part of a community of people fighting on behalf of orphaned and needy children in Romania.  Help bring children healing and hope.

Pathway to Joy’s Impact Last Year

Children received love, care, & protection

Young men & women impacted through the Success for Life Institute*

* New Project coming in 2019

Food packages distributed to needy children & families

The Gospel shared with children & families in vulnerable communities